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I taught swimming lessons in Colorado Springs, Colorado for 15 years before moving to Baltimore, Maryland in 2005. In Colorado, I had more than 1,200 wonderful students, many of them children. Below are a few letters from the parents of some of my students.


  1. Kanwal Shah says:

    My son has been attending Ms. Pearl’s lessons for three months now. He is an extremely anxious and cautious child who was scared of swimming. He used to grab on to the neck of his instructors. Ms Pearl worked with him very patiently. Her sincere devotion towards my child has made him very comfortable in water and he is enjoying his lessons. He hugs Ms. Pearl first thing when he sees her. She has taught him skills that are becoming his second nature. Can’t thank Ms. Pearl enough to bring my child to a point when he actually enjoys water and does not scream in water.

  2. Shuei says:

    I’m a 65 years old Asian woman, perhaps one of the oldest among Pearl’s students. I have taken 15 classes with her so far. My goal to take her lessons was to get rid of my fear of water. And, thanks to Pearl’s teaching/coaching, I think I am getting there.
    I knew how to float and loved snorkeling but was afraid of water. On the first lesson, Pearl correctly identified the cause of my fear – incorrect breathing and bad habits, which made me feel that I ran out of the air. She has been very patient teaching me the right way of breathing and correcting my bad habits.
    I plan to continue taking her class until I feel totally confident. Now I feel I can enjoy swimming for the rest of my life!

  3. Shylice Nelson says:

    I can’t say enough about Ms. Pearl’s program. We had Ms. Stephanie and my daughter loved her. My daughter is an extremely cautious, nervous, sensitive, sometimes anxious child. And she will not do what she doesn’t want to do. Ms. Stephanie made her feel totally comfortable and at ease from the very beginning. After that she would do whatever Ms. Stephanie asked her. I was practically in tears when I saw my daughter actually jump in, tread water and swim back to the side. I couldn’t believe this was the same child that had gone through entire sessions of other swim lessons and not even gotten her hair wet. I am forever grateful for the swimming foundation set by your team.

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