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I taught swimming lessons in Colorado Springs, Colorado for 15 years before moving to Baltimore, Maryland in 2005. In Colorado, I had more than 1,200 wonderful students, many of them children. Below are a few letters from the parents of some of my students.


  1. LN says:

    My son was afraid of the water before coming to the swim school. The instructor is very patient and kind and has helped my son overcome the fear. He has shown tremendous improvement in a short span of time and started to enjoy the water. Pearl and her team are easily able to adapt their teaching styles according to the needs of the children.

  2. Ella says:

    Me and my children have been coming to this swim school for 2 years and they have enjoyed coming to there lessons more and more each time. My daughter who was only 3 years improved so much in a small amount of time and I couldn’t have been prouder. This swim school has helped me and my children alo’t my 3 year use to have a fear of swimming now she enjoys I’ve gone to many other places and this swim school has been the best they helped my daughter improve to become a better swimmer.

  3. Sarah says:

    My kids had a great time learning to swim at pearls swim school. Before we came both of my children could not swim and i saw improvements in the first lesson. Owner is kind and well trained, very knowledgeable in her field. Would recommend this swim school to anybody interested in seeing swimming improvement.

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