Hello, my name is Pearl Krongard and I am a certified swim instructor with the American Red Cross. The basis of my swim lessons are to assess the student’s abilities and comfort in the water, and then to build a set of skills with a variety of creative activities, with the goal of proficiency to float, swim, and dive. Some of the basic skills are:

Breath Control

Breathing properly in the water is the most fundamental skill for success. I work to make these skills automatic for the student.

Water Entry

Basic jumping and diving skills are needed for safely entering the water, and for returning to the wall.


Body position and comfort while floating are important for the student as the basis for swimming.

Surface Diving

Develop confidence in breath control and moving through the water in a controlled manner.

Strokes components

Starting with kicking, gliding and arm movements, build confidence and basic skills to get ready for swimming.


Starting with the simplest strokes like elementary back stroke and side stroke, progress through the basics of front crawl and back stroke, and finally through breast stroke and butterfly for the advanced students. As the student becomes proficient, work on longer swims while maintaining proper stroke.




One student and one teacher, are the most effective and efficient method for teaching swimming. Each swimming lesson is tailored to the student and immediate feedback encourages quick and effective learning.


Where two students work with one teacher, are most effective when the two students are at the same stage of proficiency and progress at the same rate. Often, competition between the students improves the learning experience.


Learn to swim for a variety of reasons, and lessons are tailored for the individual student needs. I have taught parents who wish to keep up with their kids, and other adults that have never learned to swim. I have also taught scuba students that wish to improve their endurance for their certification, and I have helped runners and bikers improve their strokes to become tri-athletes.


  1. Daniela K says:

    Hi Miss Pearl,

    I was looking to place my son, 4 yrs, in a swimming class. He recently had surgery on his foot and is about to start physical therapy. I was wondering if we should postpone the lessons until after physical therapy is completed, or if swim lessons would be appropriate exercise to help him regain his foot and leg muscles.

    I attempted to contact you by phone but the mailbox was full. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Daniela K

  2. Lenora says:

    I want to see about lessons in the evening form my 11 year old daughter who is terrified of the water.

    We Live in Laurel, MD. I can being her on Sundays’s after 1:00pm or around 6:30 in the evenings. Monday I can bring her earlier.

  3. Jae Ahn says:

    Hello, Ms. Pearl!

    I am looking for lessons for my sons, 7yrs old and 4yrs old ones. Older one was taking a 6 week lesson from Y but still he has not much confidence for swimming and younger one has a sort of fear to swimming. He is fine to play in the water with a safety jacket, though.

    I am sure I have to wait for your answer about availability first and we probably have to be in wait list now but just in case, if I have a luck to find any opening spot in your schedule, we are free 9am-9pm from June 11 to june 16 and 9am-noon from june 18 to june 23.

    Thank you very much in advance!!

    Jae Ahn