Who is Pearl Krongard?
My name is Ms. Pearl Krongard and I have been teaching swimming lessons for 36 years, starting with group swim lessons. I have taught many hundreds of people the joy of swimming, and I have found my greatest satisfaction and success in introducing swimming to people for the first time.

What Pearl Does
I teach private and semi-private swim lessons, in the water with the student.

Why Pearl Teaches Swimming Lessons
I have found that private one-on-one learning is the fastest and most effective way to learn the fundamentals of breathing, floating and stroke.

How Pearl Teaches
I have developed my own style, with technique and methodology that works for each individual. My approach is very thorough and systematic and based on teaching specific skills in a specific sequence. My personality and style is very loving and patient, but also firm when needed. I work with the student (and parents) to tailor the swim lessons for each student.

Where Pearl Teaches
I teach at 2700 Hercules Rd. Annapolis Junction (Fort Meade), MD 20701 Click here for directions.

When Pearl Teaches
Times can be arranged on an individual basis.


  1. Angela says:

    I am in my 50′s and cannot swim, I have a 5 year old grandson who needs to learn to swim as well. I need to know what would be the best way for us to set up training with you (together or separate)?

    Thank You!

  2. I am 64 yrs. young have a little experience in swimming love the water can not tread water afraid. Have two othe young ladies that would like to learn to swim we are all retired and have flexable schedules can you help us????????????

    • Hi Delores: would love to help you be a better
      Swimmer along with your friends. I
      Teach all day, so please call me so
      we can find the best time that fits
      your needs. The day time has more
      times available. My number is:
      443 845-4200
      Thanks in advance for your interest.

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